Tom Cruise Hurtling Towards Earth for ‘Mission: Impossible

The Tom Cruise we know and love is at it again. He’ll be taking on a brand new mission in 2022, one that involves hurtling towards Earth for a thrilling ‘Mission: Impossible’ finale

Tom Cruise is one of the greatest action stars of all time

He regularly goes above and beyond to pull off incredible stunts and make them look as real as possible.

In 2022, he’s taking on his most daring stunt yet in a thrilling conclusion to the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise.

The stunt involves Cruise, who plays IMF agent Ethan Hunt, hurtling towards Earth in a NASA capsule.

The capsule will experience increased gravitational forces as it descends, creating an intense experience for Cruise and viewers alike.

The capsule, shown in recent Mission: Impossible set photos and videos, appears to be outfitted with a special harness and protective equipment.

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