You may have noticed that your 9 months pregnant belly looks smaller. Your belly and hips were smaller at the beginning of your pregnancy, but you never felt sick or uncomfortable. Now, you’re going through the second trimester, and you’re wearing bigger clothing than before because you are more conscious of fit sizes and how they affect your body image.

It may seem that nothing will change in the second trimester except for the scale weight gain, which leads to weight gain on top of that scale weight gain. If I were to guess the reason why, it would be because of a combination of all those things — stress levels, dieting, etc…….… In short, I think it’s because we are preoccupied with our bodies almost 24/7 now more than ever before, and we don’t want to get into that state again while being pregnant.

I think women need to take this time to refocus on their bodies as before (like when they were babies) and not focus on anything else other than their child(ren) for a few months or years at a time until they are ready for the baby check-up (the baby check-up isn’t really necessary anyway). This way, when they reach their due date, they can feel relaxed about themselves again and focus on their families instead of themselves!

What causes the pregnant belly to get smaller?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for losing weight and gaining back all of the pregnancy pounds. You may have been a boney figure from the start or have lost so much weight that your girth has ballooned. Or perhaps you’ve gained 20lbs since your last baby. Whatever the case, losing and gaining during pregnancy is not an easy task. It is especially difficult when you’re carrying a baby inside you, which can lead to a more abdominal room than normal during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Research on how body fat changes during pregnancy shows that if you lose 10% of your total body weight (TBTW) over two weeks while pregnant, then after delivery, your body can lose up to 30% of that TBTW in just four months. Conversely, if you gain 10% of your TBTW, then after birth, it takes up to four months before it returns to its pre-pregnancy level.

Is it normal for your belly to get smaller at the end of pregnancy?

Most people will tell you that their 9 months pregnant belly looks smaller, but not everyone agrees with that assessment. Some people say their belly gets bigger, and some say it gets smaller — which one you believe depends on how you were before you got pregnant with your child.

If you had been pregnant before, then there is a good chance your belly was larger before you got pregnant and will be larger after the baby arrives. You can only expect to get bigger during pregnancy because your body needs more time to accommodate the extra weight of a growing fetus in its abdomen (the uterus).

9 months pregnant belly looks smaller

And if you were already pregnant with a child when you got pregnant this time around, then having another child would impact your size throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond! The size of your womb would also be affected by all the hormones circulating in your body since conception (again, another reason why pregnancy itself doesn’t affect the size of some women’s wombs!).

You could take this into account when working out whether or not it’s normal for your 9 months pregnant belly looks smaller at the end of pregnancy — but for now, just know that at least one woman does seem to get smaller at the end of her pregnancies and even though she might not want it (some women do!), most agree that getting smaller at the end of pregnancy isn’t abnormal! Here are some other reasons why getting taller may become less common as my post-baby body comes along:

  • Your uterus shrinks during childbirth, so it’s harder for blood vessels to reach around for blood to flow right through your body;
  • I have three children, so I’m already pretty tall/taller than average ;
  • I’ve never been thin, but I get thinner every time I make a change in my life;
  • My mom was short, so she didn’t
Why did my pregnant belly get smaller?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you probably know what it’s like to watch your stomach grow larger. And then smaller again. I was just sitting here minding my business when I noticed that 9 months pregnant belly looks smaller.

I didn’t realize that I had done this until later, but I did find out that when the baby is born, one side of the baby (called the “right”) gets thinner than the other (called the “left”). When this happens, it is called “offsetting.” I have heard many women complain about their pregnancies and ask if it is normal for their belly to get smaller at this point.

It is normal for your belly to get smaller as your body adjusts to being pregnant and growing a human. You will feel more comfortable with your clothing fitting you properly now too!

Why does my belly feel smaller third trimester?

I’m not entirely sure how I got pregnant, but I do know that the nine months that I was pregnant with my son were a blessing. It feels like it’s been a year since I was pregnant. However, the truth is that I didn’t feel my 9 months pregnant belly looked smaller at all. I know people are usually commenting on how their baby looks smaller, but I don’t think this is the case for me at all.

My belly just grew to an even larger size, and there was no discernible change in weight with pregnancy or postpartum, which makes me feel happy because, as I said before, it feels like it’s been a year since the baby arrived. I know people say their babies have small bellies, but mine is bigger than yours, so you can imagine that mine isn’t getting smaller either.

I believe my pregnancy and postpartum are normal processes for mothers and their bodies to go through. We become more sensitive to our bodies and what we eat as we age, more aware of our health as time goes on. This is just another way of feeling your body out. My belly felt different from the last time I wore maternity clothes (or even if I had just changed from regular clothes), but it didn’t feel any smaller than it always did before the pregnancy or after the baby arrived, which is quite strange actually because normally when you are in your belly you feel tighter and fitter than you do without your belly showing.


The 9 months pregnant belly looks smaller. It’s a fact. It is normal. It’s a good thing so you can focus on more important things like developing your business and building your brand.

I’ve been getting more and more messages from readers regarding the size of their pregnant bellies, and I thought I would check out what the experts say. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular pregnancy belly sizes submitted by readers:

Pregnant Belly Size

  1. My belly is finally flat after three months; however, my 3rd month still looks bigger than my 2nd month!
  2. I am 5 weeks post-pregnancy with my belly that was 1/3 to 1/4 inch bigger than my face from before delivery!
  3. I am 3 weeks post-pregnancy with a belly that was only 1/4 inch bigger than my face from before delivery! What is going on?
  4. My pregnancy belly looks great! But it’s currently too small for me to wear a bikini, so maybe I should cut mine off?
  5. My stomach looks fat, but it’s flat during the day and only slightly rounded at night. I’m 5+ weeks pregnant and would like to keep it this way until the baby arrives! What should I do?